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Induced Draft Cross Flow Cooling Towers
GS Cooling Towers & components (P) LTD. is the leading manufacturer of wooden cooling Towers. It is mechanical strength, durability and high efficiency. Manpower with vast specialized experience in cooling Towers manufacturing is back bone of the organization. We have with us persons who have been entirely responsible from concept to final product manufacturing. We have major time tested development that has been incorporated in standards. Our CCT Wooden Cooling Towers are atmospheric cooling Towers and mechanical cooling Towers . Atmospheric Towers are only for smaller capacities and mechanical draft Towers are for higher range. Induced draft cooling Towers are efficiency and popular due to sucking of air from the Towers and exhaust at the top or side. The Wooden Cooling Towers are made out of pine or chirr wood after properly seasoned and chemically treated with arsenic chromate to with stand its life against biting, fungus and termite etc.
Boiling waterproof plywood [marine grade], asbestos,CCA treated woods, ss or hot dip. Galvanized bolt and nuts are used in the Wooden Cooling Towers . Marine grade plywood are used for hot water chamber in timber Towers . The water is distributed by even distribution nozzles by gravity. So no extra pumping cost. The industry commitment to Research & Development delivers a constant streams of new products as well as refinement in existing materials & process.
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